Royal India Live Outdoor BBQ

Enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze, a beautiful view of Juanita Beach Park
and the smell of meat on the grill as we grill your order on our patio.

Chicken Seekh Kabobs $16.95
Minced chicken, seasoned with fresh herbs & spices.

Lamb Seekh Kabobs $17.95
Minced lamb kabobs, seasoned with fresh ground spices.

Chicken Malai Tikka $16.95
Boneless dark meat marinated in yogurt & a light indian spice blend.

Paneer Tikka $14.95
Marinated cubes of paneer grilled and served with bell pepper, onion & tomato.

Grilled Indian Prawns $18.95
Prawns marinated in a special blend of spices & herbs.

Rack of Lamb $22.95
Tender rack of lamb marinated delicately with garlic, ginger, herbs & spices.

A Royal India Special!!

Chicken Koyla Karahi $16.95
Boneless chicken karahi cooked with tomatoes, onions, fresh ginger and garlic, then smoked with charcoal to give it a traditional smoky flavor. Served with plain naan.