Our Menu


Fried flaky pastry puffs with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys
   Vegetable – potatoes and peas | 6     

   Chicken – minced chicken | 7  

   Beef – minced beef | 8


Pani Puri | 8
Indian street snack of puffed crepes stuffed with chickpea and potato mix. Served with tamarind juice 


Pan Seared Dates | 7

Medjool dates stuffed with cheese, and almonds, pan seared and topped with balsamic reduction 


Nizami Paneer | 9
Paneer stuffed with cranberries, walnuts, house masala, and khoya. Breaded and fried. 


Aloo Tikki | 5
Sautéed vegetable patties, served with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys


Samosa Chaat | 7
Vegetable samosa topped with potatoes, chickpeas, onions, yogurt, cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys



Chickpea flour fried fritters served with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys
Vegetable | 6
Paneer | 7
Fish | 7


Hummus Bi-Tahini | 6
Middle eastern garbanzo bean dip, tahini sauce served with pita bread


Baba Ghanoush | 6
Puréed smoked eggplant, tahini sauce, garlic, olive oil, served with pita bread


Pan Fried Paneer | 8
Homemade Indian cheese served with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys


Gobi Manchurian | 7
Indo-Chinese dish, lightly battered bite-sized pieces of Cauliflower fried with a sweet glaze


Calamari | 6
Deep fried calamari served with a lemon wedge, Indian tartar, cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys


Vegetable Delight (serves two) | 10
Vegetable samosa, vegetable pakoras, paneer pakoras, and aloo tikki, served with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys


Royal India Delight (serves two) | 12
Vegetable samosa, chicken tikka, chicken seekh kabob, fish pakoras, with cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys


Made fresh and baked to order in the tandoor

NaanWhite leavened bread
   Plain | 3
   Garlic | 4
   Onion Cilantro | 5
   Spinach | 5
   Aloo | 5
   Vegetable | 5
   Pesto | 5
   Chilli | 5
   Nutella | 5
   Kashmiri | 6
KeemaSpiced minced meat | 6
   Chicken | 6

RotiUnleavened bread made with stone ground whole wheat
   Plain | 3

ParathaLayered unleavened bread made with stone ground whole wheat and butter
   Plain | 4
Aloo – potatoes, onions, spices | 5

BhaturaDeep fried unleavened bread | 4

PapadumCrispy lentil,gram flatbread | 3

Soups and Salads

Dal Soup | 4
Lentil soup with ginger, garlic, cilantro

Mulligatawny Soup | 5
Malayalam chicken and rice soup with a hint of lemon, served with a lemon wedge


House Salad | 5
Fresh field greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, with Balsamic Vinagrette, Ranch, or House Dressing

Chana Chaat | 6
Garbanzo bean, yogurt, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, tamarind, cilantro-mint dressing in a crisped papadum cup

Mediterranean Salad | 6
Fresh field greens, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, Mediterranean dressing

Chicken | 15
Beef | 16
Lamb | 16
Fish | 17
Prawn | 17

Traditional tomato-onion based brown curry with fresh herbs

Coconut Curry
Rich creamy coconut curry made with coconut milk and a special blend of spices

Mango Curry
A creamy tangy mango curry with Major Gray mango chutney

Pomegranate Curry
Sweet, tart, creamy pomegranate curry

Pineapple Curry
Zesty creamy curry with chunks of pineapple, and herbs

Jal Frazi
Tomato-onion based brown curry, bell peppers, garlic, ginger, onions, and herbs

Tikka Masala
Our signature tomato based cream sauce with fresh herbs

Portuguese influenced white-vinegar brown curry cooked with potatoes

Rogan Josh
Kashmiri brown curry with yogurt, tomatoes, and onions

Shahi Korma
Mild creamy Mughlai dish cooked with exotic mix of herbs garnished with almonds

Kashmiri Masala
Distinctive brown curry cooked with fresh herbs and apples

Madras Masala
Traditional Madras dish with roasted dry chilies, browned garlic, and fresh ginger

Chilli Masala
Our traditional brown curry with onions finished with diced green chilies

Creamy spinach with onions and fresh herbs

Chicken Koyla Karahi | 17
Boneless chicken, tomatoes, fresh ging­er, and a distinct smoky flavor, served with plain naan

Butter Chicken | 16
Tender pieces of chicken in a smooth rich sweet buttery tomato cream sauce

Vegetarian Entrées
Vegan available for all vegetarian entrées

Coconut Curry
   Rich coconut curry, ginger, garlic and a special blend of spices
   Vegetable| 14
   Paneer| 15

Mango Curry
   A creamy tangy mango curry with Major Gray mango chutney
   Vegetable| 14
   Mushroom| 15
   Paneer| 15

Pomegranate Curry
   Sweet, tart, creamy pomegranate curry
   Vegetable| 14
   Paneer| 15

Pineapple Curry
   Zesty creamy curry with chunks of pineapple, and herbs
   Vegetable| 14
   Paneer| 15

Vegetable Curry| 13
   Tomato-onion based brown curry with peas, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, and fresh herbs

Vegetable Masala| 14
   Rich creamy curry with with peas, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, and fresh herbs

Chana Masala| 13
   Garbanzo beans prepared with tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs

Aloo Gobi| 14
   Potatoes, cauliflower, fresh spices and dried red chillies in a fragrant tomato coulis

Mutter Aloo| 14
   Potatoes and peas in our signature tomato based cream sauce

Eggplant Bharta| 14
   Fire roasted eggplant with fresh herbs, sautéed onions, green peas, and tomatoes

Dal Makhani| 13
   A traditional Punjabi dish of creamed lentils cooked with select herbs

Vegetable Kofta| 14
   Vegetable and Paneer dumplings, fresh herbs

Bhindi Masala| 14
   Okra, red onions, ginger, tomatoes, fresh herbs

Vegetable Shahi Korma| 14
   A Royal India Specialty: Almonds, fresh herbs in a rich cream sauce

Paneer Shahi| 15
   Cubes of mild Indian cheese in our signature tomato based cream sauce with fresh herbs

Mutter Paneer| 15
   Homemade Indian cheese with peas in a creamy tomato sauce.

   Creamy spinach simmered with fresh herbs
   Chana| 13
   Aloo| 14
   Paneer| 15

Paneer Karahi| 15
   Indian cheese cooked with roasted dry chilies, onions and bell peppers

Tandoori Cuisine
(Please allow 15 minutes to prepare)
Served with Basmati rice, sautéed vegetables, butter sauce, lemon slice, cilantro-mint and tamarind chutneys

Royal Mixed Grill | 22
   Assortment of tandoori chicken, tandoori chicken tikka, lamb boti, and tandoori prawns

Tandoori Lamb Boti | 18
   Marinated pieces of lamb served with sautéed onions and bell peppers

Tandoori Chicken (on the bone) | 16
   Juicy spring chicken marinated with fresh ground spices

Tandoori Chicken Tikka (boneless)
   Boneless pieces of succulent chicken rubbed with flavorful fresh ground spices, then roasted in the tandoor
   Dark Meat | 17
   Breast Meat | 18

Seekh Kabobs
   Minced meat kabobs seasoned with fresh ground spices
   Chicken | 17
   Lamb | 18

Chicken Malai Tikka | 18
   Boneless dark meat marinated in yogurt, cream and a light Indian spice blend

Tandoori Prawns | 19
   Skewered Jumbo Prawns grilled to perfection in the Tandoor

Tandoori Salmon | 19
   Royal style Tandoori Salmon served with lemon wedges

Paneer Tikka | 16
   Marinated cubes of grilled paneer

Rack of Lamb | 21
   Tender rack of lamb marinated delicately with garlic, ginger, herbs, and spices

Biryani Dishes
Basmati rice cooked with curry, cashews, and saffron, served with raita.

Vegetable | 14
Chicken | 15
Beef | 16
Lamb | 16
Prawn | 17

Entrée Additions
Substitute Dairy with Coconut Milk | 2
Extra Vegetables | 2
Extra Paneer | 2
Extra Chicken | 3
Extra Beef | 3
Extra Lamb | 4
Extra Fish | 4
Extra Prawns | 4
Side Orders
Basmati Rice | 3
Sautéed Vegetables | 6
Indian Chopped Salad | 3
Onions and Chillies | 2
Sweet Mango Chutney | 2
Mango Pickle | 2
Raita | 3
Specialty Beverages

Mango Lemonade | 4
   Lemonade and a touch of mango purée for added kick

Mango Juice | 4
   Fresh sweet and tart Mango Juice

Rooh Afza | 4
   Delicious and cooling herbal citrus and rose flower drink served as your choice of either a rose milk or iced drink
Rose Milk or Iced Drink

Mint Taza | 4
   Fresh Mint, lemon soda, and a touch of black salt

Chai (refills) | 3
   Royal India’s famous version of India’s traditional tea made with cardamom, sugar, and milk

Iced Chai | 5
   Large serving of our famous chai over ice

   Refreshing traditional drink made with homemade yogurt
   Salty | 4
   Sweet Rosewater | 4
   Mango | 5

Hot Beverages

Hot Tea (Ask about selection) | 3
Coffee By the Cup (Caffe Rococo) | 3

Cold Beverages

Iced Tea | 2
Arnold Palmer| 2
Bottled Water| 2
Perrier | 3
Coca-Cola Products (Free Refills) | 2
 (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Lemonade)


All meats served are halal
All entrées are gluten free
Entrées include cilantro
Dairy free is available upon request


Please specify one to five stars.